Valentine’s Day is almost here! Whether you’re single or planning an elaborate date for your boo, obviously the most important thing about this holiday is that it gives you another excuse to look at dog memes.

1. Time to indulge in some chocolate (labs)


Via dogecardsmemes

2. Being single on Valentine’s Day is ruff


Via imgur

3. The most romantic gift ever


Via That 70s Show / Fox

4. This golden retriever sneaks downstairs to make his lady her favorite breakfast. How cute!


Via animalsthatdopeoplethings

5. When your fellow single friend tries to get you to go out and have fun


Via barkpost

6. This pup is anxious to give her beau something extra special


Via wehatecollege

7. If you’re lonely, your dog is always there to comfort you


8. This adorable Dalmatian is ready to give you 101 kisses


Via kingsbrookvet

9. When you give yourself a pep (or pup) talk before showing your Valentine to a good time


Via BrokenDownDogs

10. Chocolate isn’t such a thoughtful gift for dogs!


Via quickmeme

Need some last minute gift ideas for the special dog lover in your life, or just to treat yourself? Get a Zira the Corgi enamel pin or mug!


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